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Swimzania Board Game

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Swimzania is an innovative and 
fun new family board game about swimming.
Offering 4 different fast-paced challenges the players race round the board performing skills and answering quiz cards all in the quest to raise the winner's trophy.
Educational and fun the game has been designed with help of professional swimming teachers to develop children's knowledge of and confidence in swimming.

Age 4 and up

2-6 Players

Designed in the UK

Four different ways to play

 Race up and down the lanes to see who will raise the trophy! 

Get interactive

and DO IT!

Swimzania has been designed by ASA qualified Swimming Instructors to improve your skills in the water and have fun doing it!
Each of the 128 DO IT Cards has a 10 Second Challenge and is fully illustrated to show you how to perform that move. 
There are three levels of difficulty – start with Heats then progress to Semi-Finals and Finals. 

Test your swimming knowledge...

and learn even more!

There are 128 Quiz Cards with questions 
from the following categories:

Swimming history and facts   
Water safety awareness
Swimming rules and techniques

Just like the DO IT cards, there are three levels of difficulty – start with Heats then progress to Semi-Finals and Finals. 

Swimzania Board Game

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Swimzania Board Game

Four ways to play,

four times the fun!

 1 Sprint 

Just as in a real swimming sprint there is one player per lane.

All players start in their chosen lane and from the starting block follow the arrows to swim as fast as they can to touch the wall first. 


 2 Multiple Laps 

For this game the minimum number of laps is two. Choose your lane and agree the number of laps with the other players.

All players start in their chosen lane from the starting block and swim up and down the lanes following the arrows. 


WINNERS - In every game play celebrate victory by completing the race - avoid getting Cramps or Stitches on your way to lifting the Trophy! 

 3 Team Relay 

The Team Relay works really well when you have younger players who's may want to team up rather than play on their own.

Let older or more experience players support them during the race!

Get into three teams of two, or two teams of three. Each team chooses one lane and places their swimmer counters on the starting blocks. All the swimmers in your team take it in turns to swim to the end of the lane and back.  The winner is the first team to get all their swimmers back to the starting blocks.



If you land on a Swim Quiz or Do It space, you can work together as a team!

 4 Swimathon 

Be ready for a long race!

All swimmers start on the starting block in lane 1.
Players take it in turns to throw the dice and swim up and down each lane following the arrows – a total of 12 lengths from start to finish. The winner will be the swimmer who is the first to reach the end of lane 6. Get ready for a long race swimmers!

What's the buzz?

We are so excited to hear feedback from young swimmers about
Swimzania game!

"I loved getting

a DO IT card

and having to complete the challenge. It was so much fun!" 

 Billy, aged 9

Toby, aged 10

"I was so
excited to win
the race and
get the trophy!

Mary, Mum

"My daughter
has been showing all her new swimming moves... can't
wait to get back in the pool"

Antonie, aged 5

"I love to play this game again and again!!!

Love all actions on the Do It cards"

"We liked being able to play together, even though we're different ages"

Nikita, aged 11
& Naglis, aged 6

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