Swimzania supports Active Learning

Here at Swimzania we are big advocates of the importance of learning to swim. But even if your kids take swimming lessons, they are probably only in the pool for 30 minutes each week. So we started thinking about how we could help them retain all the information they receive in their weekly lessons.

Enter: Swimzania!

It is proven that learning is absorbed quicker and retained for longer through play. It is also widely accepted that the way in which people receive information directly affects the amount of information they retain. We are far more likely to remember something we have done than something we have heard, read or seen.

“We passionately believe in the power of learning through active participation,” Swimzania creators team strongly believe that “Swimzania compliments everything most of students are taught in the pool, so it’s a brilliant way to reinforce and strengthen their understanding of swimming. And they have so much fun while they’re playing!”

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of the kids think…

“Practising the arm movements for front crawl is actually easier when you’re not in the water,” says William, aged 9.

Ten-year-old Grace agrees. “You can think about what your arms are meant to be doing, without worrying about staying afloat!”

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