Introducing Swimzania – the interactive board game that’s all about swimming

Ready for Swimzania – the unique interactive board game that’s all about swimming. Created by ASA qualified swimming instructors, it’s an exciting, fast-paced table-top game that gets children learning more about swimming as they play. Available to buy online from January 2018!

The board is the pool, the counters are swimmers. Players throw the dice and race each other up and down the lanes. Land on a SWIM QUIZ space and answer a question card; land on DO IT to complete a challenge. Try to avoid getting CRAMP or a STITCH and you might just be the one to lift the trophy!

Swimzania has been carefully researched and developed by ASA qualified swimming instructors, taking inspiration from the lessons taught in the pool. It embraces competitive and cooperative play, and is a brilliant way to reinforce kids’ (and adults’!) knowledge of swimming and water safety awareness.

“We wanted to develop a board game that would appeal to both children and their parents. So Swimzania is not only fun to play, it also has important educational benefits,” says Vladimir Scepunov of Swimzania. “We have developed three levels of difficulty so that gamers of all ages can play and enjoy it, and we’ve combined question cards with interactive challenges to get the players having fun and feeling good.”

“We firmly believe in the power of learning through action,” says Vladimir. “Swimzania supports everything our students are taught in the pool, so it’s a brilliant way to reinforce and strengthen their understanding of swimming. And they have so much fun while they’re playing!”

Swimming and water safety are now included in the National Curriculum, so there is no better time to get kids playing a game that boosts their weekly lessons. A recent survey by Swim England reported that an overwhelming 94% of parents believe it is important for their child to be able to swim competently by the end of primary school. Playing Swimzania will help them to reach that goal even faster!

Not only that, the ongoing surge in popularity of table-top gaming means that more parents are on the lookout for new and unique board games. And if their New Year’s resolutions for 2018 include “get the kids off their screens” then Swimzania is the answer. As mum Susanna says, “My girls are really into Swimzania and we are all looking forward to playing it together as a family! Exciting, funny and intellectual board game for boys and girls...great concept!”


Swimzania is for 2-6 players aged 4 and up.

The box includes:

• Double-sided board • 12 swimmer counters • Six coloured dice • 10 second timer • 128 Quiz Cards • 128 Do It Cards • Trophy

There are four ways to play Swimzania, all based on real swim events – Sprint Race, Team Relay, Multiple Laps and Swimathon. The question cards offer three levels of difficulty – Heats, Semi Finals and Finals.

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