Our lightbulb moment!

A truly unique new board game

As far as we know, Swimzania is one of a kind – a truly unique board game that takes inspiration from real life swimming lessons and enhances kids’ – and adults’! – enjoyment and knowledge of the sport. Not surprisingly, we are frequently asked how we came up with the idea for Swimzania. The truth is that creator Vlad Scepovic was actually poolside when he had the lightbulb moment.

“I was doing some swimming practice myself before starting my regular swimming school classes. As I did my laps, I was planning the games that we play at the end of every lesson. I started thinking we could create a game for children to play before or after the lessons, with their friends and families. Something educational and interactive that would help them practice their movement skills, improve their knowledge and build self-confidence. When I asked my class if they’d like to play a swimmers’ board game they all said, ‘Yes! Today? Can we play now?!’”

Vlad and his team made the first drawings about a year ago and started working on play testing and modifying the game design as well as writing Swim Quiz questions, Do It challenges and rules. After 12 months of intense research and development and 18 game modifications we brought out the first prototype game. It was tested by our development team and – just as importantly – by our swimmers’ families and, we’re happy to say, was approved by all with great enthusiasm!

We are thrilled to have turned this idea into a reality – Swimzania, the world’s first board game for swimmers!

What do your kids think of Swimzania? Does it reinforce the skills they’re learning in swimming lessons? We’d love to hear from you!

Email us or share you photos of the kids playing our game on our social pages.

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